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How to use JPG to PDF Tool

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The JPG to PDF Tool is very easy to use. The developer specially designs its user interface to be mobile-friendly and understandable. Also, make sure that every user can easily use it. So without wasting any more time let’s talk about its usage overview.

Upload your Images

  • The first step is to open in your browser. There is no matter what operating system you are using. Because All the operating systems show the same interface as the web version.
  • After that click on the choose file or drag your images directly from the file directory into the drag option.

Select your images

  • On the second step, You can upload multiple images from your device. It allows to upload upto maximum 100 images per conversion.
  • In the mobile phone or tablet you will automatically redirect to your gallery where you can easily select your images and upload it.
  • After the selection of your image. It will automatically upload in conversion tool.
  • Whenever all your selected images will be uploaded completely then You will have an option to merge all images into one pdf or convert all uploaded images as a seprate pdf file.
  • If you want to create one pdf file of all images then you must be check on merged into one pdf option and click on convert button.
  • After the click on convert button you will automacially landed at the final downloading page where your converted pdf will be ready to download.
  • Just click on the download button to save your converted pdf into your device storage.

I hope this post will be helpfull to you for the usage of and i am sure you will easily use it to satisfy your pdf conversion need.

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